A physiotherapist from Kent has been invited to join a group of experts who will help and advise on the government’s planned whiplash reforms. Christian Worsfold was nominated by the CSP and then invited by the Ministry of Justice to be part of the core team, who will help usher in the next phase of the reform programme in England and Wales. He specialises in whiplash injury and neck pain.

It’s great that someone who is an expert in the field has been allowed access into these policy reforms. Some of the proposed reforms include introducing independent medical panels for whiplash related insurance claims. One idea is to have medical professionals, including experts in the field of whiplash injury, on the panel. Mr Worsfold highlighted that physiotherapists are leaders in this field and should be responsible for examining those with whiplash.

Whiplash is neck pain which occurs after the soft tissue in the spine has been stretched and strained when the body is thrown in a sudden, forceful jerk. It is commonly reported after a road traffic accident. According to government statistics, in the UK the number of motor insurance injury claims increased by 109% from the average for 2000-05 until 2011-12. 70% of these were whiplash related. The number decreased last year, but there were still 476,938 whiplash claims reported.

The government has highlighted that some claims are fraudulent or exaggerated and it is hoped these reforms will help fish them out! It’s vital that people can claim compensation when injured through an accident that was no fault of their own. Having provided quality physiotherapy in Manchester for over twenty-five years, we’ve seen our fair share of whiplash patients. If you would like further information on treatment and care of whiplash injuries then please feel free to download the leaflet from our website – http://www.advancephysio.com.


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