Living in Manchester or Sale? Have a physical or recurring injury? And you don’t want to travel far from home to get a decent physiotherapist? (Yes, that tends to happen – it’s a right pain!) Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a solution!

So maybe you are preparing for big 10k run? Or maybe you have a manual job that includes heavy lifting or continuous use of carrying equipment (which can cause a strain in the muscle – unfortunately, not the best thing before manual work)? Being established for over 25 years and based on St. John’s Street in Manchester City Centre and on Whitefield Street in Sale, Advance Physio has been treating people with physical or recurring impairments professionally for a very long time – their team of experts are highly trained and qualified in their profession which they take very seriously (they based on the prestigious St. John’s Street after all).

Advance Physio specialise in treating a variety of conditions that are a real pain by using an assortment of different techniques (from personal experience this place is awesome!). They aim to provide a range of solutions for musculoskeletal pain, management and prevention incorporating Physiotherapy, Sports Medicine, acupuncture and ergonomics (but that’s not all! Indeed there is more). Ever wonder what that crunching sound is when cracking your fingers or neck? Well that actually gradually removes cartilage which is what stops bones from grinding on each other (try to ignore me rambling on) – well this cracking motion long-term promotes arthritis which is what many of adults tend to suffer from. You are probably wondering why I’m telling you this right?

The team at Advance Physio are highly trained in treating arthritis anywhere in the body. As we have already said, this is just a fragment of what the team can help you with. So for more information on physiotherapy in Manchester or you can give us a shout on 0161 832 87 97, or if you prefer you can throw us an email:

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