Knee replacements are one of the most effective operations carried out by surgeons but at least 20% of patients who have the operation struggle to recover afterwards, often experiencing a great deal of pain that seriously affects their recovery and rehabilitation. It’s a real problem for them and can cause serious detriment to their everyday lives.

Now, researchers believe intense physiotherapy, targeted specifically to these people, would benefit them tremendously; helping them to get back on their feet more quickly and improving their recovery. The research into the recovery of post-operative patients has been funded by charity Arthritis Research UK helping thousands of people through recovery.

Currently, some patients do receive physiotherapy as part of their after-care but not all. Further research will be needed to truly examine the benefits of this treatment. Moving forward, a trial will be set up to determine the effectiveness of either giving people physiotherapy exercise to do themselves at home, or face-to-face sessions with a physiotherapist in the clinic over a period of six weeks.

Here at Advance Physio, we specialise in post-operative physio in Manchester and work with many patients suffering from arthritis, so we’ve seen first-hand the devastating effects it can have. Physiotherapy can be a great way to deal with arthritis, but sometimes a knee replacement is necessary.  The surgery can work wonders, dramatically improving their quality of life; it’s just the 20% that experience difficulty recovering that needs to be tackled. As physiotherapists we welcome the new research.

If you’re in need of physiotherapy in Manchester, contact Advance Physio today on 0161 832 8797.

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