DSE Assessments

We can offer comprehensive Display Screen Equipment assessments allowing businesses to meet the requirements of the regulations. The regulations require employers to assess the workstations of employees whose work involves the use of Display Screen Equipment for 1 hour or more of continuous use. Equipment assessed includes the desk, keyboard, mouse, monitor, chair, all related furniture and the surrounding environment. This service will provide:

  • a completed DSE assessment to meet the DSE regulations
  • an ergonomically sound working environment.
  • the orgainsation of the workstation to be appropriate to the tasks
  • advise regarding comfort breaks and workstation exercises

The benefits from the assessments include:

  • compliance with the Display Screen regulations (1992)
  • improved comfort of employees
  • increased productivity as a result of applied ergonomic principles
  • reduced sickness absence
  • advice for any specialist equipment required from the  more difficult assessments

A full written report will be provided to include findings, adjustments and recommendations for each workstation as well as written information and advice leaflets for the user.

Cost: £200.00/assessment

Note: This cost is for a single visit and 1 assessment. If several assessments are required that can be performed in the same visit then the cost will per assessment is reduced depending on the number of assessments required. Price on application.

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