Well The Winter Olympics 2014 are officially over now, but we’ll be feeling the effects of the games for quite some time. Whenever there’s a big event such as this it always encourages people to get active and try new sports which is great! We’ve been providing physiotherapy in Manchester for many years now, and we always know we’re going to have an influx of people when there are some major sporting events going on.

We would always encourage people to get active and try new things and picking up a new sport is an excellent way to stay in shape; it’s fun and it barely feels like exercise! This year because of the games in Sochi, a number of people have been taking up skiing and snowboarding and the Chill Factor in Trafford has been very popular. But of course when people suddenly start being more active and moving in ways they aren’t used to, they inevitably pick up some injuries.

Now that’s where we come in, we’ve been treating a range of sports injuries through physiotherapy in Manchester for over 25 years and through our knowledge and expertise, are able to get people back fighting fit and enjoying the sports they love. In fact, most of our physiotherapists are athletes themselves so they know the importance of a speedy, but complete, recovery.

If you’ve been making a conscious effort to do more sports, whether it’s because of The Winter Olympics or not, and are feeling the strain of a few sports injuries, get in touch today. Pop by our office for the best physiotherapy in Manchester.

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